Monday, October 3, 2011

put a bird on it, thank you very much

first things first -- a HUGE thank you to the wonderfully talented kim for my new look! i love it! and you know me so well. "put a bird on it" is totally me, probably right down to the part where they freak out (thank you vicki mcmaken, for introducing me to the like-minded others of portlandia).

so in tribute to my predictable like of birds, david and i went on a scavenger hunt around the house and this is what we came up with...

stole from lee

made by kate for david - so sweet

xmas gift from aunt cindy

charlie harper post card mobile

knitting bag

david's medicine bucket (thank god for little noses)

hole in the wall? put a bird in it

thanks mom

mom, again

oh, mom

aloe needs a bird

don't like brass? spray paint 'em

birdies watching over david's crib

and every baby needs a dream bird

how many birds can you find? (many of them were brought to you by kim)

it's a magnet

and we didn't even get into toys....
and here is a reward if you happened to make it to the end....


  1. To make it complete, all you need is a picture of David in his outfit from Saturday, that would have made it complete!

  2. ditto...great post! I've always loved the bird IN the wall!

  3. Out to dinner recently and a waiter mentioned the grass fed beef. I asked him if he knew the cow, but sadly, he didn't get the joke.

    Yep, put a bird on it.