Saturday, November 3, 2012

mint condition

i'm pretty sure i willed fall into reality - knitting feverishly through the summer in hope for this mythical season of cool weather and hot drinks. as the days of scorching heat began to shorten, the mirage of socks and jeans i had so desperately sought began to materialize, and with the passing of frankenstorm we are truly welcoming a new season. coats and hats have been added to the mix, and baking is being carried out with abandon.

this morning i clipped some mint from our slowing herb garden in preparation for minty hot chocolates (as opposed to stormy mojitos - oh, you should see our recycling bin this week). i have thanksgiving on my mind and dare i admit i've been thinking about the winter holidays? and all of this is simply to say that i am feeling grateful and energized. it was a long and rough summer and although i understand winter will bring its own challenges, i am happy to be moving on.

as mother nature shows us time and again, seasons pass, storms rage, beautiful days dawn. i'm wishing warm bodies, full bellies, and peaceful hearts for all.