Friday, July 12, 2013

Away We Go!

product reviews are new for me (except for the time i warned everyone against this which resulted in a best effort of that which only she could love), but i was very fortunate to receive a (signed!!) copy of a fabulous new scholastic preschool book and i thought, hmmm... this should be shared.

and so here we are, our first official show and tell.

i know it's cliche, but my toddler boy happens to love all things transportation.

his mother, on the other hand, happens not to be that interested (i try though, lord i try).

but this book appeals to both of us. ahh yes, it does, because it opens up an endless stream of crafting possibilities, a few of which we have already tried. ("no, no, david does it, mommy." sharing is hard for everyone.)

and the best part: you don't have to come up with the ideas on your own. the author, chieu anh urban, has a beautiful blog with an endless stream of project ideas.

dinner time: check

bath time: check

you can even plan a party around this book

"away we go!" is being marketed to the pre-school crowd, but i think it would be great to use in elementary ed settings as well. all the pictures are made of geometric shapes and would translate perfectly to math centers.

this is what david and i made together:

and then in case i wasn't sure he was totally into all of this, i found he stashed the whole lot away in his backpack (and dang, that's cute): 

and so it is with great pleasure that i announce the first ever give away (kind of... there was that time i gave you this, and this, not to mention the knitting club patterns here and here and here, and my heart, which i've offered too many times to link.)

but i digress...

it is with great pleasure that i announce the first ever give away of this sort. i will send a copy of "away we go" to one lucky winner who will be chosen at random. to enter, either leave a comment here or on the link to this post on facebook or google +. make sure it's the link from my page, so i see you. you can also just like or +1 if a comment is too much of a stretch. i know you so well....

the winner will be chosen next friday. be sure to share with your parent and educator friends!