Friday, September 23, 2011


i completed a super cute and very functional soaker for david! for those of you unfamiliar, a soaker is just a wool diaper cover. i have tried a couple of different patterns and i finally found one that i really like. it came from a book called "the expectant knitter" that i picked up from tuesday morning on a trip with ellen and safia. it's the same book that has the awesome leg warmers (which are completed, btw - picture to follow soon).

i am now in between projects. i started a pair of fingerless gloves, but i'm just not feeling motivated to work on them. instead, i think i'm going to make some more gnome hats in preparation for the christmas hoot (coming up on decemebr 12 at the wonderful little kings shuffle club!!!). i made enough last january for the regular hoot crew, but it dawned on me today that ellen, rube, and safia will need hats, too. i'll keep you updated on my progress...

so updates on my knitting are not that exciting, i know, but i'm having a bit of writer's block. i think a lot about blog topics but at the present moment, none are coming to mind. :-)


  1. love it helen! i enjoy knitting for expectant friends, we should knit baby stuff together sometime!

  2. i'd love to get together and knit baby stuff sometime. the best thing about knitting for babies is that it doesn't take very long. i like the quick satisfaction of a job completed. :-)

  3. Can I come spectate while y'all knit for babies? Maybe I can pick up some skills!