Sunday, January 27, 2013

KNITTING CLUB meeting 1.5: valentine's special

* meeting 1.5 * valentine's day 2013 *

heart felt hedgehog

inspired by a display in my local "paper source" storefront, i bring to you a special installment of knitting club which involves absolutely no knitting. this sweet little hedgehog is made entirely from felt, thread, and 2 buttons. not a lick of yarn in sight. my sewing skills are pretty lacking, so rest assured that you, yes you, CAN make this scruffy little hedgehog.

if you have any questions, please email me at or contact me through the blog, i still don't know how to attach printer-friendly documents to this blog, so if you want the printer friendly pattern, just shoot me an email or leave a comment and i'll get it to you in a jiffy!


  • 1 felted green thrift store sweater
  • 2 4x4" golden felt scraps
  • 2 4x4" blue felt scraps
  • red wool scraps for hearts
  • thread to match your felt colors
  • 2 black buttons
  • pattern pieces (at end of post/after the jump, resized & printed to 8.5x11” paper)
  • pillow stuffing


  • tape pattern pieces 1a and 1b together and cut 2 from your main felt color
  • cut out 2 of pieces 2 and 3 from the colors of your choice
  • cut out 9 of pattern piece 4, the heart (i only sewed hearts on one side of the hedgehog body. if you want hearts on both sides, cut 16)
  • pin and sew 7 hearts on the hedgehog body (see picture for placement details)
  • sew button eye on piece 2 (see picture for placement details)
  • pin and sew each side of the hedgehog separately using coordinating thread
  • place hedgehog wrong-sides together and sew around edge leaving one side of piece 2 open
  • stuff hedgehog through open end of piece 2 and sew up piece 2
  • sew on heart nose with 2 remaining hearts

share with someone you love. xoxo

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