Monday, January 2, 2012

a quickie...

ok. ok. so i know we're barely beyond new year's day, but if there was one thing i learned from christmas it's that you really can't start hand-making too early. for this project i was inspired by the "festive felt wreath" of value village as well as the felt garland project in the book, "handmade home" by amanda soule.

valentine's day wreath
valentine's day wreath:

  • 1.5 felted 100% wool sweaters cut into 2x2"(ish) squares (these sweaters were purchased from the project safe thrift store for about $1 each during a bag sale)
  • embroidery floss (or whatever you have that's thin enough to be threaded on a kneedle and thick enough not to break. i doubled the floss and it worked very well. fishing line and jewelry wire are some other possibilities)
  • needle (whatever size needed, just make sure it will pierce the felt)
  • braided yarn tied in a bow (or a bow left over from christmas or some other adornment. i thought knitted cherries would be cute, but wasn't motivated enough to make that happen)

after felting and cutting the sweaters, thread them on embroidery floss (doubled up for strength). tie both ends of the floss together very tightly to form the wreath leaving enough floss to make a loop at the top for hanging. secure yarn bow with floss. enjoy.


i don't celebrate valentine's day as a romantic holiday (too much pressure for my tastes), but i like the pink and hearts, especially the cinnamon hearts!

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